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All About Planning a Destination Wedding in Udaipur

All about a Dream Destination Wedding in Udaipur. Planning, Budgeting and Implementing

A guideline to a dreamy Indian destination wedding in Udaipur, making it a royal yet cost-effective. From planning to implement, wedding venues, vendors, décor, shopping destinations, a one-stop solution on why you should marry in Udaipur, what are the main destination wedding places, how much is the cost of Udaipur wedding, how to do a budget wedding, how much does a pre-wedding shoot costs, what does a palace wedding look like. All the know how’s of best planning.

Always day-dreamt about a fairy tale palace wedding where you will be walking down to your Prince Charming from your palace along with a veil sweeping aside your bucket list just right.

Crushed over those serene lakeside weddings just like Anushka and Virat setting some major couple goals.

Have to get your gang really going with a magical Bachelor party in an open sky with only the high standing mountains being the witness to all the ‘FUN’.

Wondering if we are talking about 3 different cities? Certainly, the answer is No!

  • Why Udaipur:  Ranked 1st in Asia and 3rd in the world (2 years successively) for best leisure and travel cities across the world, this ‘City of Lakes’ (fondly known since it has 7 of them) makes it to the top of the wedding destination list of many millennials
  • Cost of Wedding in Udaipur: ₹60 lakh – ₹90 lakh for a guest list of 150-200.
  • Best Time to Plan: September to April is the ideal wedding season and October and February are the ideal months for the wedding in Udaipur.

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Organise a Dream Wedding: Why Udaipur is best for a Destination Wedding?

We are unmasking this breathtakingly beautiful city, the Venice of East, the gift of Mother Nature to Earth, Udaipur. From picturesque landscapes to tranquil lakes, Sky- High Mountains to Ancient Forts, Alluring Palaces to Incredible Resorts, Vivacious Traditional Rajasthani Culture to Lip-smacking Desi food, the long list of destination wedding places, the tale of its beauty is long known. This erstwhile capital of Mewar has also been a true spectator of the glory of the reigning kings and their majestic history, clearly reflected in their traditions. Making it your favourite would be a real masterstroke since there is nothing this city lacks in terms of nature, beauty, and heritage.

Ranked 1st in Asia and 3rd in the world (2 years successively) for best leisure and travel cities across the world, this ‘City of Lakes’ (fondly known since it has 7 of them) makes it to the top of the Indian destination wedding list of many millennials, mostly due to the grand palace weddings in Udaipur and the various destination wedding places to choose from, it should not be ignored if given a chance.

Given all its beauty, we were not able to ignore this city and are here to ease out your tensions regarding all the how’s and where’s of the destination wedding in Udaipur. From the best vendors to breathtaking venues, high-profile royal wedding planners in Udaipur to intimate budget wedding ideas, How to reach to where to shop, topmost agencies of wedding planning to local artists, and all about the various associated cost of wedding, we have made it sure that all your queries are well addressed and you don’t need to hop among pages for different things. We have, however, divided the accommodation content into three sections covering Udaipur Palace wedding venue at first, moving onto Resort Weddings, the banquet weddings ending with some activities to do in and around the city.

You must be further wondering after reading that the cost of Udaipur weddings would be a real burden on your pocket. Relax, Just sit back and let us make it easier for you.

Udaipur Destination Wedding Cost – A dream that can now be lived by everyone

When it comes to a magnificent natural beauty like Udaipur, the first question that arises is how much a destination wedding cost? The cost of a destination wedding in Udaipur highly depends on how much are you willing to spend. But no worries, It is a place that is readily adjustable in all budgets. You can have a high-end royal wedding, a luxury mid-budget wedding, or a simple intimate wedding, all of them at pretty decent rates that go well with your pockets. Here, we’ll just walk you through the average wedding cost for different categories of preferences and a guest list of 150-200 people for a 3-day wedding is ₹60 lakh – ₹90 lakh. The rates are just an average calculation as per the industry trends and could change on the basis of your choices. Given below are the tentative cost according to venue choice:

  1. Exquisite Palace Weddings at 5-star properties – ₹1.5 crore – ₹2 crore
  2. Luxury Resort Weddings – ₹90 lakh – ₹1.2 crore
  3. 3 Star and 4 Star Hotel – ₹60 lakh – ₹90 lakh
  4. Budget Hotels (low budget destination wedding in Udaipur– ₹30 lakh – ₹50 lakh

Wedding Venues from Heritage Palaces, Awe-Inspiring Resorts to Palatial Banquets.

Here we launch off with the most IMPORTANT concern, WHICH PROPERTY to choose for your big day. From too many destination wedding places to choose from, Listed below first are the top-rated Palace wedding venues for the ones who believe in living life king-size, literally! These most popular wedding venues in Udaipur.

destination wedding in udaipur

1. The Oberoi Udaivilas (5-star Property)

Remember the scene from YJHD when Bunny (Ranbir) and Naina (Deepika) sneaked into the ladkavalas performance to get an edge over them. From that scene itself, we audience were not able to decide what was more mesmerizing, the chemistry between them or the extremely beautiful royal wedding setup they were in. The credit goes to Udaivilas. Set on the banks of beautiful waters of Lake Pichhola, this man-made beauty is a treat to the eyes with its marvellous gardenscapes, tranquil fountains, intricate architecture, huge lobbies, exquisite rooms reflecting traditional Mewari art, and signature cuisines. Taking your wedding vows here means establishing a forever relation with this unparalleled wonder.

Present below is the bifurcation of all the hotel expenses (on approximation basis as in Jan 2020) for a 2-day wedding at Oberoi Udaivilas: (For around 200 guests)

  • Rooms (Total Number of Rooms: 87): 82,65,000 + Applicable GST
  • Food (For 200 Guests): 70,00,000 + Applicable GST
  • destination wedding in udaipur

    2. Taj Lake Palace (5-Star Property)

    Led by the Royal Mewar family themselves as one of the fewest heritage hotel chains in India (HRH group of hotels), this erstwhile guest house for royal dignitaries is a meticulously preserved boutique palace property spreading the charm with its age-old architectural elegance. A perfect pick for a closed royal wedding, this vintage lakeside charmer is highly recommendable; First, if you are an art lover who appreciates art in its rawest form and second if you truly want a pure Mewari to escape for your big day.

    3. Shivniwas Palace

    Led by the Royal Mewar family themselves as one of the fewest heritage hotel chains in India (HRH group of hotels), this erstwhile guest house for royal dignitaries is a meticulously preserved boutique palace property spreading the charm with its age-old architectural elegance. A perfect pick for a closed intimate wedding, this vintage lakeside charmer is highly recommendable; First, if you are an art lover who appreciates art in its rawest form and second if you truly want a pure Mewari escape for your big day.

    Best Boutique Hotels in Udaipur​

    Moving on, below are some best boutique hotels which are in no way behind in the race for topmost wedding venues and still give you competitive ranges.

    destination wedding in udaipur

    4. Chunda Palace

    Topping the list of best boutique heritage wedding places, If you think Chunda Palace, you think of dainty hand-painted walls in traditional hues, explicit bone inlay artwork and ornate art specimens. It is a visual to how exactly palace wedding would have looked like. The splendid architecture took a long 16 years period to get accomplished. This modern-day palace hotel overlooking Pichola is a wedding and pre-wedding favourite and could be your best choice for a top-notch classy and royal wedding in Udaipur.

    5. RAAS Devigarh

    A silent oasis embraced by the Aravali Range, the royal residence of the king of Mewar still standing tall for the glorious past and unequalled beauty of the old world Rajputana, RAAS Devigarh is a spectacular vision of superficial Mewari history. If you have a really limited wedding list and want to experience the privilege of royal treatment and palace wedding, then folks this 39 suite haven just suits you right. An enchanting amalgamation of majestic courtyards, beautifully carved arches, mirrored chambers, marble based interiors, spring swings and when the darkest night comes, a galaxy of thousand candles and million stars.

    6. Fatehgarh

    An irresistible fusion of cultural, spiritual and heritage voluptuousness, Hotel Fatehgarh is a prime attraction as a heritage renaissance with an exquisite range of vintage cars. Exchanging wedding vows here could be a true pleasure due to its proximity to the rich nomadic Rajasthani culture and local rural people who welcome you with the sweetest smiles and adorable gestures possible. Additionally, its spacious gardens, open to air setups and big banquets also make it a wedding worth boutique destination.

    Resorts that reign over Udaipur

    Taking our small steps now towards the Resorts that reign over this city.

    7. The Royal Retreat Resort & Spa

    As the name itself suggests, The Royal Retreat offers a luxurious escape into the lap of nature. A royal wedding destination in itself, thanks to its widely available range of wedding related services available in-house. Resort weddings has recently gained limelight given the lush green atmosphere they provide. This could also be attributed to the paradigm shift of public interest towards destination weddings taking a break from the city chaos.

    8. Taj Aravali Resort & Spa, Udaipur

    A sumptuous Udaipur destination wedding abode amidst a natural paradise, Taj Aravali holds a special place in the luxurious resort havens of Udaipur. Be it the ultra-radiant crystal chandeliers, vintage style gokhras, one pole desert type tents or Taj’s amazing hospitality, everything is just eye-grabbing. Spread across an area of 27 acres, the resort is well- equipped with all the modern-day amenities and recreational activities including a theatre room, 9 spa therapy rooms and a signature pure veg speciality restaurant. It also has 3 huge lawns and 4 banquets to very well fulfil your function venue requirements and accommodate maximum guests making it count as the most royal wedding in Udaipur.

    Low-Cost Wedding in Udaipur

    Last but not the least, find the best properties that are so exquisite yet claim for a low budget wedding in Udaipur

    9. Hotel Lakend

    Hotel Lakend rules out all the theories we have preset in our mind on the budget wedding means sacrificing. Located on the pristine shore of Fateh Sagar, Lakend is a known name in the city offering valuable services to its guests. It has a beautiful setup lake facing banquet pool deck, lake touching lawns and lake facing premium rooms ticking all the Udaipur to do’s right in a comfortable wedding budget.

    10. Heritage Resort

    Set afar from the hustle-bustle of the city, Heritage Resort brings to you a window into nature in its rawest form. Tailor-made for a intimate destination wedding in Udaipur, Heritage Resort is a 30 minute drive from the city to the panoramic views of Lake Bagela and Aravali Range, this organically preserved beauty would take you to the experience of taking wedding vows in the most peaceful and serene environment where the music of nature around you would sync with the music of your heart making your big day more special.

    Royal Palace Wedding in Udaipur

    Surprise!! We were not able to resist this section and therefore have additionally brought to you the actual palace of Udaipur for wedding ceremonies

    city palace for destination wedding in Udaipur

    Yes, you read it right. The City Palace, where the king himself resides in an extended part, is open for booking. The palace booking for a wedding can be done depending upon the availability since The city palace often is clubbed with Jagmandir Palace, Shiv Niwas and Fateh Prakash palace to give you a full package for wedding celebrations and guest accommodation. Jagmandir palace is another zenith to Udaipur's beauty. This ultra-luxurious jewel is so attractive that you see it. The Udaipur palace wedding cost would range somewhere between ₹ 60 lakh - ₹1 crore for a guest list of 200 people.

    This was just an exclusive list based on our opinion and there is much more this city’s hotels has to offer. See all other wedding venues in India and to dig deeper into more alike properties.

    Best Wedding Vendors in Udaipur – Wedding Planners, Wedding Décor, Makeup Artists, Photography and much more!!

    Since we have already promised you that we will not bother you with struggling between pages, the first part on WHERE to MARRY ended with the beginning of WHAT to PLAN.

    This section would take you through all the best wedding vendors from planners, food, makeup, photography, folk dance and music to other recreational activities.

    Wedding Planners in Udaipur

    Wedding Planners in Udaipur or other words, our rescue from all the wedding-related dilemmas. A good wedding planning agency could be your angel in disguise and thus, the right decision becomes very important. And when the wedding planning is done by a local, it’s that extra layer of icing over the cake. A local wedding Planning agency helps you get all the short cuts for making the work handy and getting the best quality. This makes us get you the top and most impactful agencies. Also check out all wedding planners in India. 

    1. Behind The Scene

    What happens on the screen is a true reflection of how much efforts are taken behind the scenes, isn’t it? And this is what our next Planners motto stands for. A top wedding planner in Udaipur with a fully dedicated and professional team having strong local vendor connections and ability to handle the most chaotic situations, they will leave no stone unturned to exceed your expectations and serve you with just the best for a supremely flawless wedding

    2. Weddings by Neeraj Kamra

    A known name in the city, Weddings by Neeraj Kamra is a well-established company providing wedding planning services with their clientele from different parts of not only India but across the globe. They believe that weddings are a celebration of love and give their heart and soul to make your big day the best one of your life.

    3. Weddings by Ankit

    A decade-old trailblazer in the field of destination weddings with their core teams in Udaipur and Goa, they were a part of more than 350 happily ever after ( most of them overseas). The experts in their field with a tight command over every aspect of the wedding, they bring to you the most innovative ideas at the most affordable prices.

    Wedding Photographers in Udaipur

    We often hear that ‘What stays are just memories’. And for memories to be more beautiful, there should be someone who could perfectly capture them. Udaipur that’s why brings to you their most favourite photographers to short list from.


    1. Devasyah Studio

    Their unique way of telling stories through the pictures makes them different from others in the city. The creation of timeless and captivating memories is all we require for our big day which they understand. Their clicks feel like we are seeing our world with some different eyes and that’s the magic everyone greed for

  • Fees Range: ₹ 185000 per day

  • rkwedphotography-destination-wedding-in-udaipur

    2. R.K Wedding Photography

    R.K Wedding Photography is an established 3-decade old Photography firm in Udaipur best known for their candid photography. Enriched with a supremely experienced and talented squad of photographers, it specialises in destination wedding photography along with corporate, celebrity and lifestyle shoots.

  • Fees Range: ₹ 175000 per day

  • prpixel-destination-wedding-in-udaipur

    3. PR Pixel

    PR Pixel inspite of being a comparatively new name in the Udaipur wedding industry, has solidified their presence; thanks to their amazing Photography skills. Their pictures truly reflect how much do they value real emotions and real moments in a natural setting for that much-needed picture-perfect

  • Fees Range: ₹ 120000 per day

  • 4. Clicks To Remember

    A highly professional team run
    by an award-winning photographer Mr. Anshul Sukhwal. Clicks to Remember can definitely be your in-budget Photography boon since the rates are very reasonable without any compromise on the quality of work. They are providing all special customized package according to the need of client.

  • Fees Range: ₹ 45000 per day

  • Make Up Artists in Udaipur

    Makeup in these modern times has become revolutionary. Clients themselves are so much educated about the do’s and don’t ‘s of the right makeup that the artists have to really up their game to provide totally flawless services. Udaipur has some exceptionally good makeup artists that will suit your needs just right, all credits to the flourishing destination wedding. Check them out!

    The other known names in the city include First Impression, Amrits Hair N Beauty, Anee’s Makeover studio, Glamorous Makeover Studio, Bride to be Makeover Studio and much more.

    Other services: Best Bridal Mehendi Artists in Udaipur, Folk Artists, Catering, etc.

    Mehendi Artists in Udaipur

    Vandana Solanki

    Rs 9000 Onwards

    Munira Mehendi Designs

    Rs 12000 onwards

    Ganesh Mehandi Art

    Rs 7500 onwards

    Rinku Mehendi Artist

    Rs 3100 onwards

    Folk Artists in Udaipur

    Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Locations in Udaipur

    Speaking of photographers and ignoring pre-wedding shoots, a heinous crime especially in these highly social media active times. The tale of Udaipur’s beauty is not unknown and this makes the pre-wedding shoot here even more memorable. We have time and again mentioned that Udaipur is beautiful. What makes up for its beauty is not only the supremely deep-rooted traditional yet modern setting of this city but also how vivid the city is in terms of its tourist attractions. Breathtaking Lakes, SkyHigh Hills, Traditional Ghats, Lakeside Gardens, Ultra-luxurious Hotels, Kingly Forts, Historic cenotaphs, mountains and lakes, museums and Palaces you name it and you get it. It’s like doing your pre-wedding shoot all around India when you are in just one city.

    Therefore,  Among various exotic locations to choose from, we have handpicked the most attractive ones just for you! (PS: All these pre wedding shoots udaipur places are also the best places for tourism and will go well for sightseeing).

    prewedding places in Udaipur ahar cenotaphs

    1. Ahar Cenotaphs

    This one is a sight to behold. Built around over 350 years ago in 2 km east of Udaipur, these tombs are an honour to the brave kings of Mewar. The additional advantage of shooting pre-wed here is that you can visit it any time of the day since these monuments lack crowd. Also, We are sure that if you are a Bollywood fan, by now you have recognised that this place is the same that was used for the title song of Ishaan- Jahnvi starrer ‘Dhadak’.

    badi lake udaipur for prewedding

    2. Lake Badi

    Set at a distance of around 12 km from Udaipur city, this artificial lake is a perfect setting for a romantic lovey-dovey photoshoot. What adds up to make this location worth is a garden at its end and the beautiful Bahubali hills (another pre-wedding shoot location in itself). Our suggestion would be to enjoy your sunrise shots here as firstly sparkling water as a backdrop would be great and second, no crowd to disturb!

    gangaur ghat for prewedding

    3. Gangaur Ghat

    One of the main ghats of Udaipur city, it is located on the waterfront of Lake Pichola. What is tempting here is the unique feeling you’ll get when you reach this place. Its almost like you have time travelled to the old world India, such is its beauty. We would advise you to reach here before the sunset and complete your pre-wedding shoot as this place closes early and also you have to leave your vehicle at around a distance of a km before since only local autos are allowed to enter inside due to narrower streets.

    pre wedding location in Udaipur old city

    4. Old City

    Want some colourful and realistic backdrops for your pre-wedding pictures? You are in the right place then. The old and really narrow streets of the city overcrowded with mom n pop shops of local souvenirs, traditional jewellery, handmade juttis and much more would definitely serve your purpose of keeping your shots as real as possible. Truly beautiful!

    marble slurry udaipur for prewedding shoot

    Marble Slurry

    Didn’t we tell you Udaipur has everything you greed for when it comes to making memories? This time its snow land. Although, not snow really but this white marble land in sukher almost gives your picture the Kashmir touch. Its located at a distance of around 8 km from the city making it easily commutable too.

    The other locations for a pre-wedding shoot are no less and include Ambrai Ghat, Gomti Ghat, Hotel Chunda Palace (Chargeable – ₹41000), Purohit Lake, Doodh Talai, Karni Mata, Fatehsagar Lake and various outskirts of Udaipur.

    How Much does a Pre-Wedding Shoot Udaipur Costs?

    Now you must be thinking that how much does a pre-wedding shoot Udaipur costs or you must have made up your mind that Udaipur pre-wedding shoot cost would be huge. Well, your thoughts are really misleading then since some most beautiful pre-wedding shoot locations in this city are absolutely free. However, there are certain heritage hotels which exclusively offers paid photoshoots in their premises as well. So, what we suggest is need not to worry about pre-wedding shoot costs and just gear up with the best poses to suit your backdrops.

    How to Reach Udaipur?

    Udaipur is very well connected with all the major cities of India through Air and Land routes. Its high-frequency connectivity with Mumbai and Delhi makes it an easier option for a destination wedding for NRI clients as well. Also, Local commute here is quite feasible. Through railways, it is connected with cities from every part of India.

    Best Months for Destination Wedding in Udaipur

    Its soothing geographical conditions makes destination wedding in Udaipur an ideal pick in any time of the year. The climate comprises of:

    Cold Months of Udaipur – November – Feb, Hot Months of Udaipur – March- June, Rainy months of Udaipur – July- Sep.

    If you ask us, we believe that September to April is the ideal wedding season and October and February are the ideal months for the wedding in Udaipur.

    Sightseeing and other fun activities in Udaipur

    A place where you could spend months and still feel like you may have not covered every part of its vast beauty. Udaipur has so many places to visit that the list would never be complete. But, truth is the fact that when we come to attend a wedding, there is little time left for us to spare from the functions and sneak out in the city. Given the plethora of activities to do, this now highly depends on your choices that where would you head to. All the art and history lovers out there, City Palace, Shilpgram( only in winters), Sajjangarh Fort, Bagora Ki Haveli, Moti Magri Museum, Ahar Cenotaphs, Vintage Cars Museum, Crystal Gallery and Shilpgram Museum and a trip to Haldi Ghati are the ones for you. 

    For all the nature lovers, rejuvenating experiences alongside Fatehsagar, Lake Pichola, Lake Badi, Ganghaur Ghat, Sajjangarh Wildlife Sanctuary, Jungle Safari Park, Saheliyon ki Bari, Bahubali Hills, DudhTalai and Musical Garden can be your best past time.

    To all our food addicts, Udaipur serves a variety of lip-smacking dishes. Be it Pav Bhaji at Pandit, Rajasthani Thaal at Nataraj or Govardhan Thaal, Kachoris at Shastri Circle, Jalebis at Bhosle Misthan, Falooda at Sindhi Falooda, Chai at Kamlesh Tea stall, Paan at Bansi Paan, Maggie and Sandwich at Panchvati, Mirchi Bada at Manak Balaji, Bread Pakoraand Momos at Fateh Sagar, Bun Maska at Chaifeteria, Momos at Meals on wheels, all varieties of food at Sukhadia circle or Milkshakes at Hot n Cool, the city never fails to treat your taste buds even if it’s late at night. 

    destination wedding in udaipur

    Some Pro Suggestions from us to you to make your wedding the most dreamy

    1. Go for Traditional Artists as they will give the much-highlighted flavour of the city.
    2. If possible, opt for a wedding in the offseason to get cheaper deals.
    3. Ask your planner to allow you to choose from all the available options.
    4. Traditional décor would always be thumbs up.
    5. Keep your guest list limited and vendors local to eliminate any unnecessary last-minute chaos.
    6. Pre-book the vendors and venues to get competitive rates and solid itinerary.

    Well, we hope we were able to do justice to the valuable time you have spent on reading our curated opinions.

    We further hope that we were in line with your expectation of the whole cost of a destination wedding in Udaipur. The Wedding Manual would love to hear from you or even the smallest queries on the how’s of flawless or detailed information on Udaipur Wedding Cost, planning, questions on wedding planners, ideas and inspiration on wedding decoration, wedding mandap decoration, simple décor, farmhouse décor, outdoor décor, or simply a Udaipur pre-wedding. 


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