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Indian Weddings - Prismatic and Rich Cultured

The recent splurge in a destination wedding in India clearly showcases the increasing trends towards experimenting on newer dimensions of celebrating weddings. It feels so blessed to see the diversity of Indian culture being accepted so widely across the nation while we watch people celebrate their most sacred ceremonial functions like marriage nuptials in different traditional ways, dropping their own and wanting to try something new.

Also, the synonymous two-fold increase in craze of spending on wedding-related things and exploring top destination wedding locations have brought such great accessibility to folks around that now everyone can turn their dream of destination wedding in India into reality.

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Best Wedding Destinations of India for a Picture Perfect Wedding

Through this page, what we are ushering you towards is not something that is not been told to you earlier regarding the best places for destination wedding in India, just that after reading us, we assure that you will have a clear set mind on what kind of destination wedding in India best suits your dreams and wishes. From exotic destinations for wedding in India to average destination wedding cost across cities; the best destination wedding venues to best destination wedding packages; we have tried to curate everything possible, just for you.

Without any further delay, here we bring the most gushed over wedding destinations of India because.. ‘wedding da season hai’….

Goa – The Party Destination of India

This exclusive party destination of India is no less a wedding hub for the millennials out there. Its bright seaside, endless beaches and vibrant culture surely attract the party monsters in you wanting some really fun-filled wedding ceremonies. Gone are the days where we could have just imagined beaches witnessing Christian Style weddings.
The recent times have seen colourful Haldi Mehendi setups along the coastline, amazing phera mandaps on the sandy beaches, bachelor and cocktail parties at the shack and what not! The ultimate feeling of that breezy beach air on your face, the smooth sand under your feet, synced splash of waves in your ears, excitement on your mind and only love in your heart is definitely going to give you major goosebumps and make Goa your best wedding destination in India.

  • Average destination wedding cost in Goa (for 150-200 people in a 2-day wedding): ₹30 Lakh - ₹60 Lakh
  • Best months for destination wedding: October- March
  • Jaipur – The Pink City of India

    Not many of us know that Pink in Pink city represents hospitality, unveiling the essence around which this city is built. And who could serve you better than a city whose another name is hospitality? The capital of Rajasthan takes you away by storm for its awe-inspiring architecture, huge forts and the honour with which they treat their guests. A heaven for the shopping addicts in you, Jaipur takes the highest seat for top class bridal trousseau shopping.
    People from around the world consider it one of the best wedding destinations. Be it Jaipur’s signature delicacies like Gevar and Mawa Kachori or it’s vintage palaces or it’s exquisite artwork like a banshee in cloths and Jadau in jewellery, Jaipur can just blow off your mind and surely make your destination wedding the talk of your town. There is a long list of some famous 5-star heritage hotels that Jaipur is home to. Additionally, its hassle-free connectivity with almost all the major destinations takes its demand even higher to root for the best destination wedding places in India.

  • Average destination wedding cost in Jaipur (for 150- 200 people for a 2-day wedding): ₹20 lakh - ₹60 lakh.
  • Best months for destination wedding: October – March
  • Kerala – The Land of Backwaters

    Kerala is known to be god’s own country, a land as spiritually rich and culturally abundant. Marrying in Kerala could be advantageous to your spiritual selves since this is where you can feel the closest to the forces of nature. Kerala offers you lush green landscapes and nature’s raw beauty intertwined with deep-rooted folk culture and local artisans. Destination wedding here means experiencing serenity and ecstasy in the undoubtedly best natural backdrops of calm backwaters at Kumarakom Lake Resort, lovey-dovey houseboats of Lake Palace Resort of Allepey, picturesque high standing mountains at The Leela, Kovalam or amazingly palm-lined beach at Udaya Samudra Resort.
    Additionally, you and your guests get to savour the most appetising and internationally recognised South Indian cuisine. And, not to forget, Kerala is one of the cheapest destinations for a wedding in India.

  • Average destination wedding cost in Kerala (for a guest-list of 150-200 people for a 2-day wedding): ₹10 Lakh - ₹50 lakh
  • Best months for destination wedding in Kerala: October – March
  • Jodhpur – The Sun City of India

    Rajasthan’s much glorious history contemplates through its different cities in varied ways. Jodhpur, too, is a dominant part of the majestic glory contributing through its high rising forts and palaces, alluring desert and beseeched Marwari ways of honouring guests. It, however, does not get the limelight enjoyed by other prominent cities of Rajasthan for destination wedding in India but have caught eyes recently when Our desi girl Priyanka Chopra chose it for her wedding.
    The world then knew that India has one more gem to add to its box of jewels. Exchanging wedding vows here could give you the old world Rajputana feels with a modern-day wedding touch and turn up your destination wedding a dreamy one. Imagine having a wedding set up in the mid of a desert with the exceptionally good folk dancers making your guests swing and twirl on the intriguing folk music and instruments and indulging in the mouth-watering local delicacies, seems too satiating, yeah?

  • Average Destination wedding cost in Jodhpur (for a guest-list of 150-200 people for a 2-day wedding): ₹20 Lakh - ₹50 lakh
  • Best month for planning a wedding in Jodhpur: October- February
  • Jim Corbett National Park – The jungle way

    An escape into the wilderness to celebrate the most private and important nuptials of your life, indeed an overwhelming thought. And this is what Jim Corbett offers you! A wedding celebration with your cheerful guests and some warm hosts in the form of birds, trees and river, splendid it seems. If you are the one who likes to keep things low-key yet innovative, Jim Corbett is the one for you.
    Surrender yourself to the vicinity of the forest and relish the serenity and peace because forest wedding destination is really the next big thing! Jim Corbett has some earthly beautiful destination wedding locations to choose from! Go for a riverside wedding raising a toast to your new life that will flow just like a river making its own way or book yourself a wedding among the mountains reciprocating your married life with the zenith’s height. Too metaphorical but too true!

  • Average destination wedding cost in Jim Corbett (150 people guestlist for 2 days): ₹15 lakh - ₹30 lakh
  • Best months for planning a wedding in Jim Corbett: October – February
  • Andaman & Nicobar Island – The Beach Buddy

    Pristine white beaches are what makes this group of islands a popular Indian wedding destination. An idea of an intimate wedding ceremony at a beach here could really be a refreshing one. It’s like taking your guests for a wedding with a free vacation. Away from the busy life of the cities, an offbeat destination wedding in Andaman could really lift up your spirits and add a spark to your celebrations.
    Besides, when you have already taken your vows there, you would definitely want to explore the beautiful private surroundings for your honeymoon and would not have to get into the trouble of visiting another city and wasting the most important moments of your life since you know the charm of just married should be lived fully. A win-win, no?

  • Average destination wedding cost (150 people guestlist for 2 days): ₹25 lakh - ₹50 lakh
  • Best months for planning a wedding: October – February
  • Kumbhalgarh – The UNESCO World Heritage Site

    The hill fort of Kumbhalgarh is to be credited for the tag of world heritage site given to Kumbhalgarh. The city is situated at a 2-hour distance from Udaipur. Known for its fort, mansions, a wildlife sanctuary and the longest walled fort complex, Kumbhalgarh lies in the lap of sky-high Aravali range providing a scenic view to the location.
    Popular among the locals as a weekend getaway and a top destination wedding location, Kumbhalgarh has 4 – 5 magnificent properties to choose from, which are highly booked and are seldom available due to the high volume of destination weddings there. This is why Kumbhalgarh makes it to the best places for destination wedding in India.

  • Average destination wedding cost (150 people guestlist for 2 days): ₹30 lakh - ₹60 lakh
  • Best months for planning a wedding in Kumbhalgarh: October – March
  • Agra – The City Of Love

    We don’t think Agra needs an introduction. Taj Mahal, the epitome of love, a wonder among the seven wonders of the world, is situated in Agra. Known as the Paradise of lovers, Agra after gaining significant historical value is now catching eyes as an upcoming destination wedding location across the world.
    People around the world are amused by the beauty of Taj Mahal and are willing to exchange their wedding vows with the symbol of love being the witness to their happily ever after. Not just Taj Mahal, Agra also houses some major 5-star hotel chains that cater to high profile destination weddings in India such as Taj Group, ITC, JW Marriott and Oberoi. What’s more rejuvenating and happening then to make the promise of love in a city which stands just for love.

  • Average destination wedding cost (150 people guestlist for 2 days): ₹ 35lakh - ₹65 lakh
  • Best months for planning a wedding in Agra: October – February
  • Mussoorie – The Queen of Hills

    The only hill station that made up to our list. Not that India doesn’t have other hill stations that are worth, but just Mussourie is too pretty to ignore. A 40-minute drive from the capital Dehradun, Mussourie lies in the foothills of beautiful Himalayan Range. An impeccable location lying amidst the floating clouds and the sky-high mountain range, getting hitched here could be beyond beautiful.
    Imagine taking pheras with high standing mountains and waterfalls making some soft music on one side and clouds passing by beside you on the other. The imagination only give chills, how enthralling the reality will be. Moreover, Mussourie serves as a year-round destination wedding location, thanks to its all-time favourable climate. What are you waiting for then? Goo, sort your quotes now!!

  • Average destination wedding cost (150 people guestlist for 2 days): ₹15 lakh - ₹50 lakh
  • Best months for planning a wedding in Mussoorie: All year round but winters are colder.
  • Rishikesh – The Holy Land

    Sounds of early morning chants echoing around with river Ganga giving the perfect music, the fragrance of incense sticks filling up the surroundings, monks and devotees all geared up to offer their worship, this is how a morning embarks in Rishikesh. The yoga capital of India is also an adventure destination with river rafting, cliff jumping, kayaking being the favourite ones.
    Rishikesh’s topmost advantage for trending as a destination wedding place in India Is its extremely beautiful location, the banks of Ganges. And what could be more divine than hearing to the wedding mantras in the holy land itself, gives some totally different stir. Rishikesh has quite reasonable wedding packages and destination wedding venues, all credit to its increasing admiration among the foreigners.

  • Average destination wedding cost (150 people guestlist for 2 days): ₹10 lakh - ₹30 lakh
  • Best months for planning a wedding: October- March
  • Lonavla – Aamby Valley, Lavasa and Della Resort

    The reason to include Lonavla is these 3 main additions to the vicinity of Lonavla in recent times. Aamby Valley although currently disputed, sets off some high standards for destination wedding with its human-made wonder city comprising of Man-made lakes and islands. Next on the list is Lavasa, another man-made creation, which can also host pretty good destination weddings.
    Even Della Resorts is no way lesser than these two and offers premium destination wedding venues. Moreover, Lonavla itself has decent resorts to cater to destination wedding necessities. Besides, Lonavla has a comforting climate year-round. One can say Lonavla is full of destination wedding opportunities that should be exploited.

  • Average destination wedding cost (150 people guestlist for 2 days):
    Lonavla: ₹15 lakh - ₹50 lakh
    Lavasa: ₹30 lakh - ₹50 lakh
    Della Resort: ₹30 lakh - ₹60 lakh
    Aamby Valley: Above 2 crore
  • Best Months for planning a wedding – All year round
  • How much is the cost of destination wedding in India?

    The average destination wedding cost in India comes up around ₹ 30 Lakh – ₹ 50 lakh for a guest list of 150-200 people in a 3-day wedding. This, however, could vary based on your choices of wedding venues, customisations and the time of the year you pick up for your destination wedding.

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