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    How to hire the best wedding photographer in Udaipur via The Wedding Manual?

    Photographs are the lifetime memories of all your favourite times and are the only living example of the fun you have always had. The same goes for your wedding day as well and therefore choosing a wedding photographer wisely is a very important decision to make. Things have changed a lot since the old traditional times where our parents used to have only a few options available to choose from with not a variety of styles. Also, the upgrades in technology have made the cameras and related equipment so hi-tech that you can have the dreamiest pictures for your big day. So before you sit to finalise your photographer, we present to you a researched guide on some important considerations to be kept in mind while hiring your wedding photographer. Here we go..

    Points to be kept in mind while hiring a Wedding Photographer in Udaipur

    1. His Style of Photography

    The first and foremost thing that should click your mind while choosing a photographer is which style he does the best. Once you know that, match it with your level of expectation. This will help you get an initial idea of whether that photographer even suits your requirements. The point here is there are lot many photographers with their one style of photography that they do best ( we’ll highlight the styles of photography later in the section for a better understanding ) and their best style should suit you as a couple because it is not just the skill of the photographer that plays the role, the couple too is equally responsible because ultimately you should be comfortable enough for a picture for the photographer to bring that beautifully on the camera.

    2. Run him through your list of functions and ask, ask and ask

    Once you have made him aware of all the functions that are happening at your wedding, leave it on the photographer to tell you how he will take that further. Ask all your doubts whether big or small to him and allow him to put in his creativity for those picture-perfect shots. He should tell you how he has planned your shots, what type of trends are up in the market, what do the couples generally prefer, what according to him is the best to do and a lot more. Also, if you have a story to tell, let your photographer know about that beforehand. This will help your photographer intertwine your story with his creativity and do some extra homework to create that magic in your shots.

    3. Give him an idea about your venue and décor

    That’s one more aspect you can make your photographer aware of to get the best out of him. Letting him know about the venue can help him know the best angles for videography and drone photography and ideas on décor could allow him to choose which style of photography would best suit the functions.

    4. Flexibility, dates and Team members

    You should well in advance confirm with him whether he is available for your wedding dates or not. Generally, photographers have back to back events during the wedding season and such a rush can cause unnecessary chaos at your weddings. Avoid photographers who have taken multiple weddings for your dates since these lead to the division of their core team compromising the quality of your pictures. Also, while you make the final confirmation, ask them the list of team members who would be available from start to end for respective functions. Sometimes, you might need photographers for one extra day after the wedding to capture moments like Griha Pravesh, making a room with the photographers beforehand could be a really sorted step to take.

    5. Cancellation policy

    Cancellation Policy is an important point to be discussed with your professional wedding photographer. Various photographers have various different sets of policies and knowing them before giving the booking amount is a must. While several photographers forfeit a certain amount if you cancel their booking, several others are ready to refund your full booking amount in emergency situations. And since the pandemic has hit the wedding business really hard, the chances of cancellations stands at their all-time high. We, therefore, suggest not take any risk and know the vendor’s cancellation policies thoroughly.

    6. Contracted agreement

    Everything discussed should be on papers is the policy you should follow. Be it the minute and obvious detail to the larger terms like payment, pricing, package opted, no. of days booked, no. of team members designated, everything inclusive and exclusive should be mentioned in your document and should be sent as a confirmation to your wedding photographer. This can save you any misunderstandings later on at the time of the event.

    7. Recent weddings at your place

    Taking insights from a recent wedding in your vicinity would not only help you to take a look at your photographer’s recent work but will also be a great help to get some honest experiences and firsthand reviews from his clients since you can contact them easily. You can also establish a connection with the recent clients by checking on the photographer’s social media handles where everything is available to be reviewed.

    8. Time for delivery of raw data

    This is a point where generally the photographers lag behind. Once they are done with the wedding, they are onto their next and tend to forget about handing you over the raw data. Not only they, but even the clients also get so busy post-marriage that they delay in selecting the final photographs to edit. Generally, the industry practice is that the photographer will give all of the raw data to you and you have to select the decided no. of photographs and send them back for editing. But this whole process experiences quite some delay from both ends. To avoid such delays, we suggest you lock a time by which everything needs to be done.

    Average Fees of Top Wedding Photographers and Budget Wedding Photographers in Udaipur

    1. Top Wedding Photographer

    The average charges for the topmost wedding photographer’s all-inclusive packages in Udaipur vary between ₹75,000 – ₹2,00,000. However, every professional photographer has several packages to choose from and you have an option of customisation available to bring things under your budget.

    2. Budget Wedding Photographer

    The average fees of a budget wedding photographer in Udaipur start from ₹45,000. There are also various options available that charge below ₹45000 and still manage to deliver some beautiful work. You can also opt for freelancers to minimise your costs.

    What Services are provided by the Wedding Photographers in Udaipur?

    1. Traditional Photography

    This is the evergreen style of photography for ages. You’ll be made to stand in romantic customary poses and there will be clicks from every angle to get those perfect shots. Bridal portraits, vintage and monotone photography are all a part of it.

    2. Candid Photography

    This style of photography is the current trendsetter in public and enjoys the highest likes since you are clicked when you least know about getting clicked and that’s the real OG! Photographers generally have a dedicated candid photographer in their team these days who just look after clicking these candid shots.

    3. Aerial Photography

    Captured with the help of drones, this style of photography gives a unique touch to your collection due to its ability to get those beautiful panoramic shots. This style is really helpful in getting those full décor shots or dancing videos at a full glance looking as dreamy as possible.

    4. Videography

    Videography involves covering all your functions live in the form of videos so that all the moments are frozen the way they happened.

    5. Cinematography

    Cinematography is a comparatively newer term but enjoys immense popularity. The reason why lies in its way of execution. It is the art of taking short videos in form of films having a story through different angles zooming in and out, playing with the lens and capturing some meaningful clips.

    6. Pre Wedding Shoots

    The most talked-about term of recent times, Pre Wedding shoots need no introduction. This service is provided by almost all photographers and generally takes place 3-4 months before the wedding.

    7. Albums

    In this digital era, albums are the only source of physical memories one can have. Although couples these days refrain from having those big albums like earlier, we still want you to be a bit old school and opt for them to preserve your beautiful memories.

    Some more tips for you from our kitty

    1. Time is everything

    What we mean here is please try getting ready before time for your functions and give the room of at least half an hour to your photographer to capture everything he wants to. Rushing for your functions and thinking of getting clicked after them can totally prove a disaster.

    2. Be patient with them

    They will tell you to strike so many different poses but that’s for your own gain and although we understand that Indian weddings really make you too tired, but for once just forget about everything and be prepared to pose!

    3. Don’t let your fatigue reflect on your face

    Pictures are a true reflection of how comfortable and at ease you are. The photographer is just an artist who can portray but the real art comes from your within and therefore you should be the happiest for your pictures to be the prettiest.

    How Team TWM can help you find the best wedding photographer

    TWM can be your perfect one-stop go-to for finding the best wedding photographer in Udaipur. Team TWM is equipped with the best wedding photographers of the city across all budgets and has specially curated lists to choose from on the basis of budget, style of photography, services offered, customisation available and so on. Every photographer listed here have undergone extensive verification and ensures true professionalism. Booking your photographer through us can help you achieve the most reasonable rates and premium quality of services. Once you decide on booking with us, there will be a dedicated person from our team who will help you in negotiating with the vendors and searching for the package that best suits your requirements and that too at no extra cost!

    General Trivia – FAQ’s about Wedding Photographer in Udaipur

    • Pre Wedding Shoot: Smoke Sticks, Vintage Photography, Umbrella Shots, Retro Theme, Animated. For more info, please head to our blog on Top Pre-wedding Ideas.
    • Wedding Photography: Candid Photography, Monotone Photography, Aerial/Drone Photography, Cinematography.
    • Top Wedding Photographer: The average charges of the topmost wedding photographer’s all-inclusive packages in Udaipur varies between ₹ 75,000 – ₹ 2,00,000. However, every professional photographer has several packages to choose from and you have an option of customisation available to bring things under your budget.
    • Budget Wedding Photographer: The average fees of a budget wedding photographer in Udaipur starts from ₹45,000. There are also various options available that charge below ₹ 45000 and still manage to deliver some beautiful work. You can also opt for freelancers to minimise your costs.

    Of course yes! It totally depends on your wish that what all services you would like to prefer for your wedding day and can be negotiated with your photographer.

    Certainly not. In simpler terms, Videography is full coverage of your wedding functions and cinematography is an innovative art of shooting some important moments in form of short films with the use of various photography techniques.

    Well, that totally depends on you. The merits of hiring the same photographer for both sides is that you don’t have to shoot the same shots twice and there will not be unnecessary chaos and time clash issues. While if you hire different photographers, the plus point is that there can be a really good amount of pictures to choose from and there will be no moments missed. The only thing to look out for is that tuning between your photographers from both sides, if that is set, it will be a hit!

    We suggest you read our blog on pre-wedding shoot locations in Udaipur for detailed coverage of all the locations in and around Udaipur.

    Discuss with them about their time availability, flexibility, time that will be taken to complete the work, no. of team members that will arrive at the venue, the no. of guests who will be there to apply Mehendi to, their latest designs and the brands of henna they use.

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