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The role of henna in Indian weddings is of significant importance, both culturally and religiously. It also has been widely accepted across the Asian subcontinent due to its natural cooling and anti-viral properties, also a reason enough to apply it to bride and groom to relieve them of all the stress. 

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    What are recent Mehendi designs trending in Udaipur?

    There are various styles to choose from for your Bridal Mehendi. Usually, Traditional brides opt for a fully loaded intricate design till elbow and also loves to design their feet with amazing Mehendi artwork. Therefore, the package from artists normally includes a bridal package for both hands and feet and a separate family package.

    1. Moroccan Style Mehendi:

    Known for its unisex patterns based on geometric shapes, curves, lines with a backdrop of tribal arts, this much trending Mehendi style sweeps us away with its unequalled charm. This is the first go-to choice for the modern-day bride and groom.

    2. Indian Style Mehendi:

    The timeless style with its traditional floral and chequered patterns is still a crowd favourite. The Indian Style Mehendi has seen recent modifications and has up its game by incorporating bride groom portraits, your favourite memories, your cities, your important dates and everything that makes it more special in beautiful designs spread all across your hands. Not every artist specialises in portraits, so this is an important thing to look for while booking our artist.

    3. Arabic Style Mehendi:

    Influenced by the gulf royalty, Arabic Style Mehendi is a deadly combination of empty spaces, motifs and bold lines. For someone who doesn’t like to have a design that seems too much but still want to go for a traditional pattern, Arabic style is the answer to your subtle thirst.

    4. Pakistani Style Mehendi:

    Incorporating their cultural aesthetics into their Mehendi artwork, Pakistani themed designs work on paisley styled patterns including mandala designs and florals in their art which is too intricately worked with bolder outlines.

    5. Fusion Style Mehendi:

    An exquisite combination of Indian and Arabic or African Style, Fusion Style Mehendi lends your pretty hands a look that is traditional with a tinge of western influence to it. Made up of bold designs, trails and fun patterns, Fusion Style is a thing for all those who want to skip the repetitive Mehendi designs.

    6. African Style Mehendi:

    With prominent empty spaces along the borders or at the centre, African style takes cues from the tribal patterns displaying filled in gaps, bold outlines and floral delicate designs.

    What should be kept in mind while booking a Mehendi Artist in Udaipur?

    Since utmost attention should be paid to book every agency related to your wedding, the same goes for your Mehendi artist too. Imagine your Mehendi getting spoiled and you not able to click those mandatory pictures with Mehendi in your hands, can’t really give it a miss. Therefore, here is a quick guide on what to keep in mind while booking your Mehendi specialist.

    1. Trial, Trial and Trial. How much ever good the artist is, don’t forget to take a demo before you book them for your main function. Try them out and see their work for yourself and decide. They usually charge a fee for their trials but it becomes important to see how beautifully they do your hand. Our suggestion is to try them on any pre-wedding function such as a Roka ceremony or any other family function where Mehendi hands will look good so that you get an idea of their work and also reviews from your close ones that how it looks on your hands.
    2. Top Mehendi Artists in Udaipur are usually fully booked the entire wedding season and therefore booking them in advance as soon as your marriage dates get fixed becomes necessary otherwise you would have to settle for what is available.
    3. The Mehendi Artists in Udaipur usually charge from Rs. 2100 and go up to Rs. 15000 for bridal Mehendi. So, our suggestion is to set your budget right before looking for the artists to choose from.
    4. Consider asking them if they have any other bookings on your date since due to a jam-packed season, artists tend to take 2-3 brides a day. Avoid taking such dates and choose a date that is less hectic for them so that your work could be accomplished with patience.
    5. Give them proper details on how many guests will be there to apply Mehendi to so they could arrange a team that suffice the requirements.
    6. Review. Do a little research on which Mehendi artists you find worthy and good. Ask your friends and family too if they have someone whom you can count on.
    7. Choose the designs you want and discuss with your artists whether they can do it with perfection. See their work through their portfolios or pages to be double sure.
    8. For your rest of the close family, ask your bridal artist if she has a team who can work for others. If not, book another artist who fits in the budget and does not forget to keep a backup artist ready in case you need more people for your guests.

    Why book Mehendi Artist in Udaipur with The Wedding Manual?

    Team TWM keeps a track of all the Mehendi artists after rounds of quality and background checks and assures you maximum satisfaction. We personally help you decide the artist that is best suitable to your needs and is worth the money you spend.

    \We at TWM leave no stone unturned to let you get the quality with the latest trends and designs trending in the market. We take pride in providing you with the best services for bridal Mehendi and guest Mehendi by having tie-ups with all the major Mehendi artists in Udaipur in all the budget ranges.

    A personal wedding manager is assigned to you once you sign up and he is there to help you with all your queries all free of charge. Booking vendors with TWM assures reliability, quality and total accountability.

    General Trivia – FAQ’s Mehendi Artists in Udaipur

    Usually, a bridal Mehendi artist takes at least 3-5 hours to complete both your hands and feet. The process may speed up if she has 2 or more team members dedicated to you only. For guest Mehendi, since the designs are light and comparatively easy, it takes anywhere between half-hour to an hour for one person.

    Yes, Of course. Mehendi Artists have customised packages if you book them for the whole family along with the bride. They also have separate packages for the bride /groom and family in case you don’t want to book them for guests.

    There are few local yet widely accepted tips to make your Mehendi look darker. Some people say that applying mustard oil after peeling off your Mehendi makes it look darker, some say applying vicks on the peeled off Mehendi hands overnight helps it look darker. While it largely depends on the trusted brand of Mehendi your artist use, the common practice is to not wash hands for at least 12 hours after applying Mehendi.

    The Mehendi Artists in Udaipur usually charge from Rs. 2100 and go up to Rs. 15000 for bridal Mehendi.

    Yes, Mehendi Artists in Udaipur come to the venue. While there is usually no charge for travelling anywhere inside the city, they may take travelling charge if your venue is far away from the city or from their location.

    Mostly all Mehendi artists ask you if you have any preferences and are ready to make anything of your choice. If you do not have a particular choice, they do the latest designs that are in trend.

    Discuss with them about their time availability, flexibility, time that will be taken to complete the work, no. of team members that will arrive at the venue, the no. of guests who will be there to apply Mehendi to, their latest designs and the brands of henna they use.

    It totally depends on what suits you the best. Suppose if there are too many members on both sides combined, it is better to choose a different artist. Or one option is to choose the same artist for the bride and groom and another artist for the guests. This is feasible since if the artist for both groom and bride will be the same then they will have an idea about the theme and will be able to coordinate designs.

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