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We, The Wedding Manual keep on expanding our team with the most astounding professionals who will assist our clients in making their dream wedding turn into a reality and so is here your chance to get on board with us. If you have an impeccable skill and want to take your business higher with them, register yourself with us today and exhibit your skills with the coolest wedding destination ever. Wondering why should you join us? Read on to know.

Benefits of Joining us

Exhibit the Uniqueness

The vendor feature design which we have incorporated is pretty unique. So, you don't have to be worried since we have the best team to assist you. We'll create your portfolio and exhibit your skills in a manner that will immediately attract the people to bestow their trust upon you.

Instantaneous Deals

With the whole process being user friendly, the Clients can easily reach out to you. Moreover, both the vendor as well as the customer can carry on the whole process with ease without any hassle. The query generated will be dealt one on one via e-mail, and will be shown on your dashboard. So, you need not worry about the status of deals made.

Awesome Orders

We ensure you profitable service clients once you join us. If you exhibit excellent services, the clients will come back to you every now and then asking for your services and that too with a smile. Be prepared to get super awesome orders once you join us.

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Criteria to get on-board with us

  • Commitment to exhibit excellent services and outstanding customer service. To get a note of it, check out the professional and client testimonials
  • The vendor must have exemplary and outstanding skills in their field
  • Prompt response times to inquiries

Application Process

Click on Accept and Continue, select your business category and fill out the form, your application will be accepted by The Wedding Manual’s Team, if it matches the above mentioned criteria. We respect every application we receive but we are committed with our clients to give them the best so we recommend you to join after 1 year of business experience in your field.