Top 50+ Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes To Husband, That Will Just Make Their Day

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wedding anniversary wishes for husband and wife
Wishes are nothing but the voice of our heart, a feeling that we often experience but fail to express. Take ideas with our latest blog on Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Husband and Wife.
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Wishes are nothing but the voice of our heart, a feeling that we often experience but fail to express. Take ideas with our latest blog on Wedding Anniversary Wishes to Husband. And when it is about our closest ones. We hesitate quite too much to put it into words that how much they mean to us.

But that really does not mean that we have to live with that. When life has given us such beautiful gifts in the form of our better halves, why not celebrate them every day in our little ways.

And one such way to express our love for our dear ones is through the warmest wishes, that can instantly lighten up some cheerful smiles on their face. We have compiled the best-said wishes in each category to bring to you some amazing wedding anniversary wishes to husband that can help you win your partner again.

Most Romantic Wedding Anniversary Wishes to Husband – Subsequent Anniversary

1. Seeing you put your little efforts every day to make my life a bit more special excites me so much to be a better person, just for you! Living with you feels so easy and so much fun. Thank you for being you and being a part of myself more than me! Love Always my dear better half, Happy Wedding Anniversary!

2. The very first moment I set my eyes on you, I knew we are meant to be one. You are the key to my lock, the destiny after all the blocks; my shining star and all things bizarre. Happy wedding anniversary my rock star!

3. With you entering into my life, I know all my prayers got heard. And it feels so blessed to think of having you in all my tomorrows; joys and sorrows! Happy Anniversary Baby!

4. Nothing comes even a bit close to how I feel when I hold you close. It’s the warmest feeling that tickles me in the deepest corner of my heart. Happy Anniversary

5. Let me hold you tight, Let me kiss you with all my might, Let me give you the world’s happiness, the feeling of eternal oneness; Let me be your shining armour, your forever charmer, On this day when we celebrate our timeless bond, let us make a promise to be together for all the lives beyond! Happy Wedding Anniversary my one true love.

6. Every time I look at you, all my emotions gush to think of all the reasons why I have loved you so much. And believe me, the list is ever increasing. Thank you for giving me infinite reasons to love you, Happy Wedding Anniversary!

7. To the seat belt in the roller coaster of my life, the one who stands and protects me against all odds, I am so happy to have you. Happy Wedding Anniversary my sweetheart.

8. Every time our lips lock and our hands intertwine, I feel all the happiness in my footsteps; a feeling of conquering the world because that is what my world is made up of, HAPPY US! All to this beautiful day that got us together, Happy Anniversary to you!

9. When I proposed to you, I gave you a ring, but you gave my life wings when you said YES. Happy wedding anniversary my beautiful.

10. You know after all these years of living with you and all the chaos we have led ourselves into, if I get an option to change things, I would still choose you because I know nobody can handle me better. Happy Anniversary Love! I’ve been crazy, I’ve been a fool,

11. I have been everything that isn’t cool<br>Sometimes stubborn as a mule, <br>But loving you unconditionally was my Golden Rule! <br>Happy Anniversary!

12. It begins with a dream of a happy life together and the dream just gets going better( despite some temporary nightmares). Happy Anniversary!

13. A Day of love, a week of pampering, a month of seeing each other and a celebration for the years to come. How amazing it has been. Happy Wedding Anniversary!

14. Another year passed in the blink of an eye and it still feels like embracing you for the first time, Happy Wedding Anniversary!

15. You’re the one who still gives me butterflies after all these years. Thank you for being the most wonderful, hot and darling husband one could ever have. Happy Wedding Anniversary!

16. I remember not being able to decide on how exactly I want my partner to be. After spending all these years I know why because God already had an answer in your form. Thanks for being a perfect definition of a perfect husband. I love you my apple pie, Happy Wedding Anniversary!

17. I wish I can shout out to everyone around the world that I have got the best man alive as my husband. Happy Wedding Anniversary Mr Husband.

18. Thank you for being there through thick and thin, Thank you for being the coffee to my crème!

19. Life without you was still good but after you, it just has been bizarre! Love you so much, Happy Wedding Anniversary!

20. You are the peace amidst the chaos, the first ray of light after a dark night, You are my happy place, the reason I smile bright; Even the tiniest space seems like a wonderland, Life with you is like a magic wand! Happy Anniversary to you my man!

Funny Wedding Anniversary Wishes for your Hubby!

1. Happy Wedding Anniversary to you for tolerating all my craziness, because in case you would not have done so, this day would not have been in existence leave happy.

2. Thanks for surviving with me all through and still not stabbing me while I am asleep; for I have been quite a bit(okay a lot) annoying but I know you love me so much. Happy Wedding Anniversary!

3. You know why I want you to be there for the rest of my life, simply because nobody else can put up with a jerk like me. I love you a lot. Happy Wedding Anniversary!

4. Such ironies life throws at us. I so want to kill you but I love you too. So lately have been finding ways to kill you with love. And that’s why A very Happy Wedding Anniversary.

5. Sometimes I look at you my husband and think, damn, you are a very lucky man! Happy Anniversary to you!

6. Every day I just fall in love with you a little more except for some days when you are quite creepy, grumpy and annoying. Despite all this, I still love you a lot. Happy Wedding Anniversary.

7. Sometimes I can’t help but wonder how you put up with me but then I realise the same way I keep up with you. So everything even. Happy Anniversary my baby!

8. In case you didn’t realise it yet, Marriage is a workshop. Why? Because the husband work and the wife shops! Happy anniversary to our workshop dear!

9. I guess anniversary wishes are in order because we passed one more year without anyone of us being behind the bars or six feet under. A winning moment must say. Also, Happy Wedding Anniversary!

10. To keep your marriage strong and your wife happy, admit it when you are wrong and keep mum wherever you are right. Happy wedding anniversary my wifey!

Best First Wedding Anniversary Wishes to Husband

1. Smiles and cheers, we are into the second year; Through wishes and prayers, I have got all that was too dear! Happy 1 year to us, beyond, and forever!

2. One year ago, I saw my life’s best gift lying by my side when I woke up. Happy 1st-anniversary love!

wedding anniversary wishes for husband and wife

3. To a year filled with crazy roller coasters and laughter riots, this day was just not special because it gave me the whole of you, it is even more special because it gave a new purpose to my life. Happy 1st wedding anniversary baby!

wedding anniversary wishes for husband and wife

4. Once in a while just in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale. And I am happy to be the part of the best one.

wedding anniversary wishes for husband and wife

5. One year ago today, I took my wedding vows with you in the presence of all the powers. And today after one year of being with you I just realised that I didn’t need any promises to be with you. You have already become my reason to live and who would want to die so early.

wedding anniversary wishes for husband and wife

6. I hope that the little things we do like you kissing me goodnight even when I am already asleep, or me kissing you morning before leaving the bed or you untying my shoes after I doze off all drunk. Or just those cute miss you texts when I am away, all this just never change. I want to keep loving you like this and keep getting yours too for the rest of the years to come. Happy 1st anniversary my love.

wedding anniversary wishes for husband and wife

7. Not that I didn’t have options to choose from, but choosing you has proved to be the best one so far and I hope it continues to remain the same. Jokes apart, Happy 1st wedding anniversary to someone I dream of laughing with even at my worst moments, someone who accepts me the way I am, someone who looks into my eyes with all the love he has even when I look like a buffalo and someone who is more than everyone for me.

8. If I get my life to live over again, next time I will find you sooner so that I could live with you for longer. Happy Anniversary my forever bliss.

9. From our friendship to courtship to a married relationship, I am sailing on the best ship one after another. Happy 1st anniversary my forever mate.

10. Great marriages are not when two perfect people unite together, it is when two imperfect learns to be perfect for each other. Happy 1st anniversary my imperfecto and I am accepting it for the first time that I just love all your imperfections.

11. All I need is you and your forever love. I would always be hopeful of you to make the happiest person in the world like I am right now.

12. I had always read in stories that when the person of your dreams come. He brings with himself some amazing experiences like feeling those butterflies in your stomach whenever he is around. Or that feeling of going gaga for no reason, those unstoppable smiles and blushes, those sleepless nights, doing things that you never did before, suddenly everything in the world will revolve just around him. Thank you for giving me these lifetime experiences and making my life as beautiful as heaven. Happy Anniversary Baby!

13. This day has made me realise that I am God’s favourite one for he shared his most beautiful creation with me for a lifetime and maybe more. With you, I want to celebrate every single joy and sail through every single sorrow, Happy Anniversary my Forever!

14. Our first anniversary is like a delicious starter in an elaborate and extensive menu of our life. Wish you the yummiest one! Happy Anniversary Love.

15. I can never tell you enough that how amazing you are and how you make my world the best possible place to live in. Happy Anniversary my one true love.

16. The day I fell in love with you is the second-best day of my life because the first one would always be the day you married me. Happy 1st Anniversary my darling.

17. Not much to say but a year ago, I got a new life and I am loving it! Happy 1st anniversary my princess!

18. We tied a knot a year ago and I wish for the rest of our births, together we go! Love you to the moon and back, Happy Anniversary cutie!

19. When I look at you, I can’t help but just smile. Being with you is a blessing that would never be taken for granted. Happy 1st Anniversary my incredible husband!

20. From the moment I saw you, I knew you were my someone special. Today after a year, I still keep falling for your mesmerising beauty in and out each day more than the previous one. Happy 1st wedding anniversary my wonder woman, no one like you!

Thank you for reading, hope you found the best love message for your partner from the article on Wedding Anniversary Wishes to Husband. Read Our other blogs for more such ideas

Love and Luck,

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