Top 19 Most Trending Haldi and Mehendi Stage Decoratin Ideas – Wedding Stage Decorations Ruling The Internet

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stage decor for haldi and mehendi
Looking for some quick trendy ideas that you want to swear by for your Haldi & Mehendi stage décor?
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Looking for some quick trendy ideas that you want to swear by for your Haldi & Mehendi stage Decoration?

stage decor for haldi and mehendi

Or bored of those repetitive wedding backdrop designs suggested by the décor agencies and copied from one wedding to another for all your wedding functions.

Well, well, well before you start asking yourselves the answers to all our questions and feel more stressed about all of it, we would be pleased to inform you that you are at the right place and your search ends here. 

What makes searching for the best wedding haldi stage decorations more important is the amount of time you spend at the wedding stage.

It is the most important spot of the wedding brimming with all the limelight since the twinkling stars, the bride and the groom, sits there.

There is no second thought to it that the Haldi & Mehendi Stage Decoration ideas should be spot-on photogenic and the most top-notch thing at the venue.

Wedding Stage Decorations Ideas for Haldi & Mehendi Function

There are so many extravagant and larger than life wedding stage decorations already doing rounds in the industry and setting the benchmarks high that Every time you think of doing something that’s not yet been done, it takes ample amount of efforts and research.

This has in turn led to the calibre of wedding decorations in Indian weddings have reached an all-time high, thanks to the creative minds of the wedding decorators and planners.

While a larger contribution could also be attributed to the clients themselves coming forward and pushing the agencies to bring out their best helping them by lending ideas and experiences relating to their own life which decently assists the planners to create something unique and quintessential every single time, still their intent and will are so much on the point that if everything goes as planned, your wedding venue will look no less than a fairy tale.

And now Putting a full stop to all that patient waiting from you, let’s directly jump to the best wedding haldi & mehendi stage decorations ideas we have in the box for you! And we are already getting some early vibes about you crushing over them.

1. How about having your own Princess Carriage and being the Alice of your wonderland?

These magical pictures of this golden princess carriage cum lounge adorned with vibrant plunging flowers really makes us skip a heartbeat.

Moreover, these vintage style coolers, statement sofas and a touch of modern chairs and cushions make the whole setting mesmerizing. 


2. A minimalist classic for an intimate get together

This minimalist flower décor seating with snug cushions is a perfect solution to your ongoing search for everyone who likes things to be subtle and elegant.

The blue yellow-themed cushions are in total coordination with the beautiful ivory white sofa they are set on.


3. The Floral Arches in a quirky way

The ongoing lockdown weddings have made it obvious to include designs in your portfolios that suit your backyards or small lawns and gardens that can cater to a comparatively smaller guest list.

Our above floral arch designs with the brightest hues of colours are a perfectionist for a modern setup. Also, don’t miss that customised cushion that you can do of your own choice.


4. Doing it the traditional way

Doesn’t the whole setup give you old town vibes all geared up for a festive mode?

This extremely thoughtful Haldi Kumkum setup is bang on kick start to let the people know that your wedding is going to be a dreamy affair.

@pehchaanevents & @pkms.surat

5. Indulge in the brightest hues

Again, a simple yet engaging setting of the wall all dolled up with beautiful flowers giving the whole setting a soothing touch.

Wedding stage decorations Ideas for Mehendi Function

1. Sailing together in the seashell

How creative and out of the box it is to have an underwater-themed Mehendi setup all glammed up with bright shining pearls, colourful flora and fauna and what not. The Ideas for Mehendi stage decoration is itself so much exotic that you must not be able to wait to bring it to your own wedding.

2. Reflective setting surrounded by tons of flowers and canopies

With the extremely beautiful combination of these colourful drapes, romantic canopies, a backdrop with a plethora of flowers and most importantly a reflective stage that is giving the calmness of a level that almost seems like a water body placed in the middle, the whole concept is too pretty to ignore.


3. The Bohemian style for a lockdown wedding

The chic-ness of bohemian culture has definitely started taking roots in India with its entrance in designs, whether it is jewellery, clothes or now wedding haldi & mehendi stage decorations.

An enchanting amalgamation of boho colours, wall hangings, and flowers is something new to try as a simple lockdown décor.

P.S. – Don’t miss those cute cosy chairs at the centre.

4. A colour vibrant setting (Fluffy cushions, gazebo, tiara style marigold flower setting, ethnic drapes, colour bombed)

There is nothing this setup misses. Be it those fluffy seating cushions lying on the floor at equal distance or that tiara like marigold structure at the top.

Or look at the ethnic drapes canopying the whole structure or the colour-filled effect this setup is giving, our eyes just can’t look for anything that is missed here.


5. Alluring umbrella setup intertwined with gigantic floral wonders

This can top the list of simply innovative decorations without using much-hyped accessories to it, something manageable and refreshing.

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