Top 12 Classic Home Decor Ideas for the Wedding.

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home decor ideas for wedding
Table of Contents

Intimate wedding nowadays is in trend!! Here you find the best simple home decor ideas for the wedding.

Due to COVID – people prefer to celebrate their wedding functions at their own place, and for a bride to be what’s better than making pre-wedding memories with her loved once at her sweet home where she spent her entire childhood.

Mehandi, Haldi, Sangeet, or Saat Phere, every function has its own essence in making your D-Day more special.

Junk out the old idea of hanging lights on your terrace. Home décor is getting much better these days like Fantastic backdrops, Led balloons, creative floral mandaps, and much more.
Checkout trending ideas on how you can decorate your shadi wala ghar beautifully by using few elements and that also in a limited budget.

Draping never go out of style

  • Falling drapes is a traditional way to decorate your home, make a twist add some colourful cushions.
  • Banarsi or Rajasthani embroidered cloth cushion covers will always give a shahi look to your décor.
  • You can even customize it with different slogans.
Source: Pinterest

Flowers are forever

  • Use some fresh flowers with amazing aroma in combination with dark and light.
  • Flower décor always looks beautiful.
  • Utilize this idea as a backdrop of your Haldi Function.
Source: Pro Create Events

Classic Earthen Diya Decoration

  • This is one of the best home decor ideas for wedding.
  • In India, the celebration is incomplete without lighting up diyas in every corner of the house.
  • To get a Positive vibe and happiness all around, why not use these long strings of diyas to enlighten the wedding home?
  • It looks charismatic and you don’t have to empty your pockets for doing so.
Source: Pinterest

Fascinating Matkas for vibrant entrance

  • Real Marigold flowers and colorful matkas are the best way to decorate the entrance of your home.
  • Accompany with some beautiful rangoli, diyas, and drapes of your choice.
  • Even you can use metal matkas and floating flowers of your choice for an elegant look.
Source: Pinterest

Peppy Tyres with appealing florals

  • Spray Painted Tyres with flowers popping out is in the trend nowadays.
  • Pyramid of multicolor tyres will definitely add glam to the décor, don’t miss out on this budget-friendly idea.
Source: Pinterest

Magical Mason jars and fairy lights for a perfect evening

  • The Glass jar with artificial flowers and some fairy lights and aromatic candles – set up the guest’s table and delight them with enchanting decor.
  • Set it up on the outdoor walls of your house or hang it with the help of rope & give these beauties a chance to enhance the interior of the wedding home.
Source: Décor Journal

Refurbish antique trunks with modern designs

  • Upcycle the Antique metal trunk and paint it with pastel colours and if you are an artist then you can show your creative side to decorate it more of your choice.
  • You can use this innovation to décor your Haldi or Mehandi function at home.

Personalized Signages – Team up with other décor elements

  • First Impression is the last one right? Then why to use old ways to welcome your guest.
  • Grab this idea and use signages and utilize your old mango boxes and frames creatively to decorate the front door & let your guest go wows on it.
Source: Art Chakra

Eye Catchy Mandala designs for Backdrop

  • Plates are not just limited to the kitchen.
  • Colourful plates with decorative mandala are giving mesmerizing look and will definitely add charm to your wall
Source: Mercadolibre

Get a Dreamy vibe with Paper Decorations

  • Revive your childhood and have some fun while making these giant pom poms, paper fans, and pinwheels to make colourful backdrop or a photo booth for guests.
  • Don’t forget to ask your guest to tag you with your custom hashtags on social media.
Source: Pinterest

Elegant and Dramatic at once

  • Get an Elegant and royal look by just keeping a simple sofa cum chair and customize it with some dramatic tag lines like “Ananya ki shadi” or “RIP Bachelorhood” in the backdrop.
  • This stunning décor idea will go with all the wedding functions.
Source: Aisle Planner

Walk down the Memory Lane

Spice it up by creating a memory wall of you two or sticking your loved once pictures on led strings to give a personal touch to your décor.

Source: Pinterest

Grab your favorite décor – mix up the vintage and modern appearance and create your own
aesthetic and mesmerizing look for your home sweet home.



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